About Us

Sound Mechanix was formed from the amalgamation of two well-known sound companies, Mega Music and Sound Zone. Sean Swanson (Mega Music) and Eddie Peddle (Sound Zone) who have both been in the industry for a number of years and after closely working together for almost 2 years, decided, in 2012, to join forces to form a bigger and better company that would provide their clients with exceptionally services.

Their partnership has flourished over the recent years and Sound Mechanix has grown from strength to strength. Due to personal reasons, Eddie sold his shares to Sean at the end of 2014. Sean continues to lead Sound Mechanix head strong and client focused.

Sean is meticulous about getting the job done with the utmost perfection and strives to enforce nothing but the best through out the company and it’s services. Sound Mechanix is a fully dependable DJ Agency, Sound and Lighting, Audio Visual Production company.

Sean Swanson: Heading up the Sound Mechanix Team
Sean Swanson: Leading by example