Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2016

Planning your wedding this year? Gaby from South Bound Bride shares her top ten predictions for the coming year.

Hello friends! I can’t believe it’s time again for our annual trend roundup – I love this post, because it always gets me so excited about the new weddings coming in the following season, and reflecting on the beautiful trends still in flow from last year. Because that’s the thing about wedding trends – they don’t work like fashion, in and out, here today and gone tomorrow. They’re more like waves, and one builds on the other. And the great thing about that is that you can incorporate some of the current ideas and themes in your big day, but in your own way, with the result being something personal and classic, but also of the moment. A wedding that will wow your guests, but still feel like you. So here are my top ten predictions for the coming year – pin them, love them, and then make ’em your own.

1. Hanging Centrepieces

2. Two-piece Wedding Dresses

3. Oversize Bouquets

4. Greenhouse Weddings

5. Brights

6. Industrial Wedding Style

7. Installations

8. Alternative Engagement Rings

9. Calligraphed Cakes

10. Fashion Forward Grooms

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